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      Expanding into new global markets? Get your complete, cross border checklist.
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      Supply chain chaos has sellers and shoppers on edge, with no relief in sight anytime soon. To better understand how marketers should navigate this unusual holiday shopping season, we spoke with a variety of experts to get tips on what makes for successful holiday e-commerce marketing -- and why planning, implementation, and customer engagement are paramount in these continually changing times. [More...]

      Apple's strategy is all about status and making you stand out as an Apple user, while Google's strategy is more about features and what you can do with its phones. In effect, Apple is more about form, appearance, and ease of use, while Google is more about function. Let's contrast Apple and Google smartphones. Then we'll close with the product of the week, a new VR headset from Varjo. [More...]

      Canonical has released Ubuntu 21.10, Impish Indri. The new version of its flagship OS has a heavy focus on cloud-native, AI/ML, and Ubuntu developers on Windows. This is not a major distro upgrade. Nonetheless, Ubuntu 21.10 does play catch up with the latest Wayland improvements and GNOME 40 -- finally. [More...]

      Surround strategy is the antithesis of rip and replace. Rather than replacement, a business can move parts of its workload from some workhorse system, say ERP, to Zoho -- where things like pre-built reports and Zia, an AI-based digital assistant, can help business users interrogate data stored on the mothership. [More...]

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